Consumer-Guided Advertising


Targeted Advertising Flaws

Simple, broad profiles no longer cut it in today’s competitive world, where consumers ignore ads lacking personalization and CMO’s are accountable to make every impression count. The Twenty-Ten patented approach to audience creation and AI-driven platform blends together the ultimate trifecta of behaviors, attitudes and real-time location data.

Wanted Ads

Relevant to me,

aligned with my values,

served at the right place

and at the right time.

Unwanted Ads

Annoying and irrelevant,

conflict with my values,

 served at the wrong place and time. Stop the interruptions!


What if creative and audience were aligned, personalized ads were always welcome and never  CREEPY?

Major Shift

What if consumers informed the advertising process with the reasons why they buy, sharing what matters most?

What Matters Most

What’s most important is the role of consumers in the process. Imagine engagement with thousands of proactive consumers who are willingly providing, not only feedback on your product and category, but also the reasons why they buy and behave the way they do.  Now replicated and applied at scale for optimal alignment of audience and creative.

Advertising that consumers really want. That’s Consumer-Guided Advertising, and it’s changing the future of advertising, one massive brand at a time.


The Twenty-Ten Process

Qualitative Process:  Every change starts with the client. We meet with the the leadership team to understand a brand's specific objectives and learn everything we can from their experience.

Quantitative Research:  Every campaign is constructed on in-depth consumer-guided research to determine the underlying motivators for WHY consumers buy. The result is a statistically valid data layer based on tens of thousands of opt-in consumer responses related to a specific brand and/or product category.

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Alignment and Activation:  Every custom audience and creative asset is matched for the optimal alignment of consumer needs, values, attitudes and desires. Activation applies to every online and offline addressable media channel, including but not limited to connected TV.

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